A student may submit one entry for the Pogrund Family Essay contest and one entry for the Pogrund Family Judaic Artwork contest.


To download Pogrund Family Judaic Artwork Contest Rules, click here.


The ATT sponsors the Pogrund Family Judaic Artwork Contest for all of its grades  3-12 students of its affiliated schools. The goals of the contest are:

  • To encourage students to do research on a chag
  • To illustrate creatively and explain the relevance of that chag
  • To allow students the opportunity of strengthening their commitment to Judaism through creative expression
  • To encourage students to improve their communication skills in a different medium - art
  • To recognize and celebrate our students’ creativity


1. Judaic Artwork

 a. Art Content –

                               i.   Focus on a specific chag (Jewish holiday) chosen by the student

                               ii.  Should contain a minimum of 6 details about the chag – i.e. mitzvos, special customs, themes of the holiday

                               iii. Contains a title that includes the name of the chag

                               iv. Option 1: Create a story board illustrating a specific chag from the Jewish calendar

                               v.  Option 2: Create an informational board depicting/explaining a specific chag


 b. On the Student Entry/Checklist/Brief Explanation Form (see #10 below on this rule sheet), provide a brief written explanation       that answers these two points:

                               i.  Explanation of a chag from the Jewish calendar

                               ii. Why you chose to illustrate this specific chag (its special meaning to you)


c. Maximum length: 5 sentences


d. Explanation should contain a title that includes the name of the chag.


2. All artwork should be the student’s original work reflecting an original design or concept of the student.


3. One entry per student


4. Artwork paper:

a. Size of artwork: 9” x 12” 

b. Color: white or off-white

c. Weight: 70 lb. – 90 lb.

d. Note: Currently available at Walmart or the ATT (2 sheets of paper per student will be available for pick up:

      9:30 – 4:30pm Monday – Thursday, 9:30 – 12:00 on Fridays)


5. Acceptable materials: pencils, crayons, paints, markers or color pencils


6. Only freehand drawn letters may be used.


7. Artwork can be realistic or abstract. People and animals can be included.


8. Artwork is to be two dimensional.


9. Artwork should not contain:

a. Computer generated art and graphics

b. Lamination

c. Copyrighted characters, photographs, and magazine or newspaper illustrations

d. Glitter, wood, plastic, glass or metal

e. Taped/glued on pieces and stickers


10. On the back of the artwork tape the Student Entry/Checklist/Brief Explanation Form. To download form, click here.


11. Prizes: $50.00 per winner


12. All submitted artwork is the property of the ATT and may be published in an ATT publication. Please take a picture of your submission for your records.


13.   Deadline: Thursday, January 30, 2020, by 5:00 p.m.  


14.   Artwork should be hand delivered to the ATT, 3531 Madison Street, Skokie, IL 60076, to maintain its original shape and submission condition.

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