Melvin I. and Marilyn A. Eisenberg Endowment Fund


Eligibility Requirements and Additional Information:

  • All graduating MIE Torah High seniors are eligible to apply for these Israel Scholarships.
  • Application must be made to an approved Israel learning experience program. Awards will be sent directly to that program on the recipient's behalf.
  • Successful applicants will be notified of the scholarship committee's decision by mail, date to be determined. The balance of fees due to the program is the applicant's responsibility.
  • Recipients are expected to attend the ATT Awards Presentation and Annual Meeting to accept their award.
  • Recipients are expected to present a thank you letter to the Eisenberg Family at the ATT Awards Presentation and Annual Meeting.



Both Part I and Part II must be submitted in order for application to be eligible.


Part I: Complete the application below.

Part II: Provide the following:

  1. Three letters of recommendation (from your synagogue rabbi, school principal and/or teachers). Signed recommendation letters should be sent to YOU, placed in a sealed envelope with your complete name & the words "ATT Israel Scholarship" written on the envelope and submitted together with your application in ONE larger envelope to the ATT.
  2. Certified copy of your most recent academic transcript
  3. Optional: A copy of your parents' most recent income tax form and a statement of financial need. Please understand that the Israel Scholarships are merit rather than financial. Financial need will be considered only in a tie situation.

In order to be eligible:

          1. Online application must be submitted by Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 5:00 pm.   
          2.  Part II (must be submitted in one envelope) to the ATT office by Tuesday, February 18, 2020,    
               5:00 pm.                        
                        Address envelope to:
Rabbi Mordechai Raizman
                        Associated Talmud Torahs

                        3531 Madison Street

                        Skokie, IL 60076

Remember: The envelope must contain all information requested in Part II in order to be eligible.
                                       All items submitted will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Step 1: General Information

Applicant's First Name:
Applicant's Last Name:
Birth date:
Date of Application Submission:
Mother's First Name:
Mother's Last Name:
Father's First Name:
Father's Last Name:
Home Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Address:
Zip Code:
Applicant’s Email:
Parents' Email:

Step 2: List of Recommenders (three required:)


Step 3: Educational History:

Elementary School(s) attended:
High School(s) attended:
To which institution in Israel or Israel Experience
Program are you applying?

Step 4: Please answer the following questions:

Describe a Jewish experience that has most
influenced your life.
What do you feel are your most significant
Why did you choose this particular Israel Program
in which to participate?
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