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ATT Teacher Education Class - Classroom Management That Works: A Workshop For New And Veteran Teachers

8:00 - 9:30 PM
3531 Madison Street

For ATT Teachers Grades 1-12 only

1 of 2 sessions 


(ATT Course Code CD, EP, SE)                             

In this hands-on workshop, teachers will evaluate what is working and what needs strengthening in their current classroom management plans.  In the first session, each teacher will receive support in creating an individualized set of rules and procedures that fit their own teaching style and philosophy, and we will plan for how to implement these in our classrooms.  In the second session, we will identify barriers to implementation and discuss ways to navigate them. The goal is for each teacher to come out with practical steps for their classroom that will make the learning experience great for everyone!

Day and Time: Tuesday evenings, 8:00-9:30 pm

2 Sessions: Tuesdays, December 7, 2021 and January 11, 2022

(1/2 credit)

Presented by: Mrs. Aliza Rosenbaum, Hillel Torah       




Arie Crown ECC Parent/Teacher Conferences

Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Kindergarten


ATT Teacher Education Class - Using Graphic Organizers In Limudei Kodesh

8:00 - 9:30 PM
3531 Madison Street

For ATT Judaic Studies Teachers of grades 3-8 only

1 of 2 classes 


 For Judaic studies teachers of grades 3-8          (ATT Course Code ID, LK)   

We all use graphic organizers to help students organize and connect information. These sessions will explore the types and uses of graphic organizers. We will also practice matching and creating the correct organizers for the material we teach in Chumash, Mishnayos and   Gemara.

Day and Time: Wednesday evenings, 8:00-9:30 pm

2 Sessions: Wednesdays, December 8 & 15, 2021 (1/2 credit)

Presented by: Rabbi Avrohom S. Moller, ATT and  Rabbi Yoni Gold, Professional Development Coordinator, ATT



ACHDS Board Meeting

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School Social Workers Workshop for Parents in Response to School Closer
In response to the school closures in our community, The Associated Talmud Torahs hosted a session this evening for the community parents with a panel of our schools’ social workers. The discussion focused on responding positively to the unexpected changes and uncertainty that are impacting our community, specifically in our homes.

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2020 Hartman Family Foundation Educator of the Year Awards
Announcing the 11th Anniversary of the Hartman Family Foundation Educator of the Year Awards! Submit your nomination form now! Who can bring a smile to a child’s life? Who can help change the world? Whose work lasts a lifetime? Whose job is one of the most rewarding jobs there is? Who will be the 2020 Hartman Family Foundation Educator of the Year Awardees? Help Decide ……

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ATT Convened Annual Teachers Educational Conference

This year’s system-wide educational conference on February 17 was incredible, bringing more renowned national and local education experts to work with our 500 ATT teachers than ever. The Rabbi Dr. Leonard C. Mishkin Teachers Educational Conference occurs each year on Presidents’ Day and is the largest professional development (PD) gathering for ATT teachers.

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ATT Department of Teacher Education Winter Sessions are Starting

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ATT Receives Groundbreaking Endowment Gift of $5 Million!
We can announce today with great pleasure that Northwest Home for the Aged (NWHA)/ Park Plaza will be granting a $5 million dollar endowment contribution to the ATT for the REACH program. ATT was one of three recipients of a significant endowment gift from NWHA/Park Plaza. This is the largest program gift that the ATT has ever received and we are extremely grateful to the individuals that are responsible for this. In particular, we thank long-time ATT Board member and past president Stephen J. Landes for his efforts in helping us secure this gift. We are also most grateful for the leadership of Alan Caplan, the President of NWHA/Park Plaza, for his vision and dedication to the Jewish day school children of Chicago. We look forward to an opportunity where we will publicly recognize the board of NWHA/Park Plaza for this magnanimous gift to the children of our community.

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Dr. Michael S. Maling Therapeutic Services
Last year the Crain Maling family established the Dr. Michael S. Maling Therapeutic Services department of the ATT’s REACH program. This department offers specific services, including Speech and Occupational Therapy, to children in all Chicagoland Jewish Day Schools. For more information, contact the ATT:773-973-2828.

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